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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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Urban area: Bukit Merah, Central Region
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Balance bike is in Singapore! Getting one in US, Europe, Australia or England easily cost over $250.00 and exclude shipping charges. But now, you can get a set of Smart Gear Balance Bike for your kid at the price of only $170 (usual $199) with 3 months warranty. $170 is made possible due to bulk purchasing of the bikes.


WHAT is Wooden Balance Bike?

A balance bicycle, or walking bike is a training bicycle that helps children learn balance and steering. It has no pedals, no crankset and chain, and no training wheels. It is the most natural way to teach a child to ride a bike. It teaches them the 2 most difficult aspects of bike riding - balance and control.

Kids initially "walk" their balance bikes by using their feet to move themselves. As they gain in confidence, they will be able to gradually coast/glide along on their balance bikes with their feet off the ground. At this stage, the child has unconsciously learn the art of balance and control - the most difficult part of learning is done !

It is then a simple step to change onto a normal 2 wheeled pedal bike.

WHY Wooden Balance Bike?

Although training wheels are the most common means of teaching kids to ride a bike, they simply transform an unstable bicycle into a stable quadricyle, not requiring any balancing effort on the part of the rider. Training wheels also impede the natural upright sense of independent balance because the training wheels allow riders to ride in an off-balance or tipped condition.

Wooden Balance Bike is designed for pre-school age children to master balance, steering and motor skills beyond their years.

Watch toddlers and kids in action with their wooden balance bikes at v=Ne9WMe_cors

Balance Bike Demonstration by 3 Year Olds at v=IT-P04Tg5bk&feature=related

Wooden Bike DETAILS

Brand: Smart Gear Balance Bike

Price: SGD170

Colour: (attached pictures)

CLASSIC BLACK – for the macho and cool boys!
RED WONDERER – for the adventurous and cool gals!

Measurements: 32.6" L x 13.7" W x 21" H, 12" air filled rubber wheels

Terms: Free Assembly. Self collection in Tiong Bahru, $15 for home delivery.

Warranty: 3 months, against all manufacturer defects only

This Smart Gear Balance Bike is one of the best ways for little kids to gain confidence while improving their balance and coordination skills necessary to pedal and ride a 2-wheeler. Bike is lightweight and easy to handle for small children, plus the built-in carrying handle makes it a cinch to bring it inside or outside and take it with you to the park, a friend’s house or anywhere else.


1. Smart Balance Bike – the MOST effective , fun and safe way for a child to learn to ride!

2. Children learn to balance and ride while boosting their confidence. NO PEDALS! NO TRAINING WHEELS!

3. Eco-friendly birch wood harvested from a replenishable source, formaldehyde free glue

4. Non-toxic paint and lacquer

5. Packed in recycled cartons

6. Adjustable seat height to grow with your child (12.5 to 17.5 inches)

7. Pneumatic Rubber Tires with extra long tube valves

8. Inflatable rubber tires, unlike other balance bikes

9. Rubberized handle bar grips

10. Cushioned leatherette seat

11. Spokeless disk wheels to prevent little feet from getting caught

12. Unique carry handle incorporated in the bike's body

13. Limited steering radius to prevent jackknifing!

14. Suitable for children 2 yrs onwards and up to 27kgs


SMART GEAR TRAINING BIKE, The five seat heights on this 11-pound bike, which carries up to 60 pounds, start at 13 inches. Mr. Bartolome preferred this birch bike over the other wooden model tested. “It felt sturdier,” he said. He also praised the “knobbed tires for providing traction on grass and carpet,” the protective rear fender and the restricted steering range.

BALANCE bikes, long popular in Europe, are making inroads in the United States as a way to teach children to ride a two-wheel bicycle without the need for training wheels. The bikes do not have pedals; instead, toddlers use their feet to steady themselves, propel forward and brake. Eventually they learn to coast — and balance.

Technically, the bikes are ride-on toys, because they lack gears. But they do look like small bicycles, with rubber tires, adjustable seats and adjustable handlebars (on the metal-frame ones, at least). All are low to the ground, so that diminutive riders can straddle them while standing on both feet.

“This makes them a better option than taking the pedals off a regular kids’ bike, since the bike may still be too tall to stand over,” said Tim Blumenthal, the executive director of Bikes Belong, a nonprofit advocacy group in Boulder, Colo. “The learning curve for building and riding the bikes was quick,” Mr. Bartolome said. “About 15 minutes for each of us.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is There No Brake For Smart Gear Balance Bike?

We reckon that hand brake is only useful for bigger kids that are stronger to hold them! Generally kids on balance bike do not need hand brake function because they will be so busy trying to have fun balancing and gliding! Firstly, they don’t have the attention and time to hold/press the hand brake, the most immediate reaction they would think of if the bike starts to fall is to INSTINCTIVELY regain their balance using their feet! Secondly, the hand brake function diverts their attention and is not useful unless the kid is strong enough to hold the hand brake while trying to balance themselves!

What Are Training & Balance Bikes & Why Are They So Good?

Training & balance bikes are different to normal bikes in several ways.

Balance or training bikes as they are sometimes called are similar to normal bikes but also different.

The most apparent difference on some training bikes is the fact that they are made of wood and, as most children find very amusing, they do not have any pedals.

The idea behind training bikes is that the child can sit on them and scoot along while steering and more importantly while keeping both feet firmly on the ground which gives them a better sense of control while at the same time improving their coordination and balance.

Some training bikes come with brakes, others rely on the child's feet to stop the bike but either way, your child's will soon get used to stopping when needed.

And just like "big boy or girl bikes", training bikes can easily be upgraded with horns, bells or bags.

Does My Child Need A Training Bike?

The decision as to whether to start your child on a training bike can only be made by you, the parents.

While training bikes have many advantages offer traditional bikes when it comes to your child learning to ride, if you are unsure as to whether your child is ready for a training bike, why not take them to a shop that sells training bikes, sit them on one and see how they get on.

Most children pick it up fairly quickly and are soon training bike experts!

Thank you,